Looking for a touch of magic to enhance your beauty on your wedding day? Explore these fantastic options!


Looking to add a finishing touch to your elopement day with a stunning bouquet or boutonniere? Check out my top picks for florists in the Breckenridge area who specialize in creating exquisite elopement flowers.


If you're seeking an officiant to elevate your wedding ceremony to the next level, here are my top picks for Breckenridge wedding officiants.


A slice of cake or a taste of something sweet is the perfect way to toast to getting married. Here are my favorite wedding bakeries in the Breckenridge area.


If you’re envisioning a nice dinner with friends and family after your intimate ceremony, here are some local restaurants that I recommend:


Breckenridge is home to several fabulous private chefs and catering services. If you’re looking to hire someone to cook for you, you can’t go wrong with any of the options below! 

nadia palma photography


As A local photographer in Breckenridge, Colorado, with roots in this stunning mountain town since 2018, my passion lies in capturing the perfect moments for couples embarking on their elopement journey. Having immersed myself in the beauty of Breckenridge over the years, I possess a deep understanding of the area's hidden gems and picturesque locations that serve as ideal backdrops for an unforgettable elopement. I am committed to not only providing exceptional photography services but also being your guide, assisting you in discovering the most magical and intimate spots that align with your vision. Through my knowledge of this breathtaking mountainous terrain and its changing seasons, I aim to make every elopement a seamless and extraordinary experience, ensuring couples find the perfect setting to declare their love amidst the natural splendor of Breckenridge.